Grand Theft Auto 6 – Rumor, leaks and What to Expect?

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Grand Theft Auto, a popular game series for PC and console is going to next levels with the upcoming ones and it is said that Grand Theft Auto 6 will launch soon nearby 2020 to 2021. People who don’t know much about this series can read the complete guide to know more.

About the series

Grand Theft Auto is a series which is completely based on action adventure gameplay. There is a complete city to walk around, complete missions, earn money and get the thrilling experience. The reason behind popularity of this game is being the unique from other and offering almost every single thing that you want in a game.

There are numerous missions to complete which can take you many months to complete all; however, those are interesting too which can make you love this series. With each new installment, developers keep on improving it and the latest released GTA V has some great graphics, interactive features and impressive gameplay which is better than any other game.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 is much awaited game and surely it is taking too much time after the launch of its previous version in 2013. It is developed and designed by Rockstar Games and also published by same for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and Xbox. It is the best seller game on PlayStation 3. 

So, what to expect in GTA 6?

There are so many things coming in the latest version and almost every of these can be a rumor but still, you can expect these.

  • For all the level from san Andreas to the GTA V, all the instilment were focused on male character and showing the major role all time. But, this time we can expect a female character to be the strong character and part of this game. This is really an important thing that is said by most of predictors.
  • As you know that the ultra settings of GTA V seems realistic but this time, GTA 6 so much new to come and graphics are main part in it. Basically, the graphics will be improved in 1080P also. You can get ultra realistic graphics. These can enhance your gaming experience easily.
  • The release date is expected by almost everyone to be 2021 but it is still not sure. Almost everyone can expect this game to release earlier because the game is developed and it is undergoing some tests to ensure the best performance and graphics. It will release for Gaming rigs, and consoles.
  • This time the game can be back to their old design which is vice city and it is still a rumor, there are no confirmations. If it goes back to vice city and add up some more improvements then the game will be best one because most of us can relate it to those days when we played the vice city on PS2 and PCs.

GTA 6 is still the most awaited game and the only news is out that this version will launch soon but there is no trailer video and such other thing.


GTA 5 was based on three main characters and the game was played by using those characters but what you can expect this time from GTA 6? The only news of female character is in it. If you have checked the story of GTA 5 then you may know that there are new characters to introduce but the time will tell what is going to be next.

Vehicle Variation

With the vehicle variation, you can easily find that new vehicles are going to be in the new version. The improved graphics and better simulation of vehicle is going to make it better and you can prefer it for sure. It is better option to go with.

Even we can expect a new city too but there is still need of waiting for couple of years. The trailer will be out there next year and that will ensure that what to expect. You can find that there are so many new things will be in the game.

Similar Things

Surely, the developer team will keep some of the ideas same and run the previous story to take it at next level. You can expect connectivity from the previous story to this one which can enhance the game. On the other hand, you can find a twist too as if a strong woman character is introduced in it. Even you can find that character indulged in assassination and such other missions but with little bit improved things and tasks. The difficulty level may be higher this time but you will surely love this game.  

Things to know

It will release for PC and Console simultaneously and there will be VR support for it. This will give you better visual experience and getting the all new experience. These are some common things that you can find.

Should You Pre-Order It?

If you have been playing the previous versions and always completed all the missions then it should be your first preference. Most of gamers who are fan of this series will love it for sure. On the other hand, if you have a fixed budget and don’t want to pay too much money then it will be better option and it is reliable too. You can check out the reviews after the launch and it will help in knowing whether the game is good or not. It can help in getting the game at lower prices too.

Final Words

If you love to play action adventure games then it will be better that you should pre-book it because most of gamers with pre-book get amazing offers and better deals. It is reliable option and you can try it out due to number of benefits offered. There are some website offering Grand Theft Auto 6 download for free but the game isn’t released so you should stay  away from such sources.

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